The following information will assist you to plan the Bar Services for your event – at our location or yours. I invite you to read on and see how we offer quality, variety, and value far beyond others in our field.

For off-site events we can provide all services with complete bar / supplies / staffing / and liquor license. We also can provide full service corkage complete with all aspects of the bar and leave the liquor purchase / license / liability insurance up to you.

With our in-house events we offer a very wide range of options for your bar services. In many cases we can further customize this aspect of your event by combining different options. Perhaps you want a Signature Drink to suit your theme or tastes? We do not permit off-site alcohol of any type but we do feature one of the most extensive bar selections in the banquet industry!

A complete Sawmill Restaurant wine list is available with many further selections should you wish. Additionally we would be pleased to discuss specialty ordering or other possible options for your specific event.

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Bar & Wine Options

Red Wines

(Priced per bottle • Listed from Full Body to Light Body)

Paso Creek Cabernet Sauvignon California $36.00
Ravenswood Vitners Blend Zinfandel California $32.00
Oyster Bay Merlot New Zealand $38.00
Cliff 79 Cabernet-Shiraz Australia $33.00
Dona Paula Los Cardos Malbec Argentina $30.00
The People’s Pinot Noir New Zealand $35.00

White Wines

(Priced per bottle • Listed from Full Body to Light Body)

Hardy’s Nottage Hill Chardonnay Australia $29.00
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand $38.00
Antinori Santa Christina Pinot Grigio Italy $33.00
Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi White Zinfandel (Blush) California $29.00
Prospect Larch Tree Hill Riesling Ontario $33.00

Manager’s Selection

(House-Pour Red & White Wines)


Banquet Bar Options

The following options have proven to be the most popular arrangements with regard to ‘Banquet Bar Services’. There are many ways that you can further customize your event and budget by arranging for a combination of these options. Let us show you how!

Event bars all include Import Beers, Liqueurs, and a wide range of Cocktails as ‘Standard’ selections. Ask us about further customizing to offer YOUR favourites!

  • HOST Bar: Guests do not pay / Host invoiced based on consumption.
    Host Pays: $6.00 plus 15% Gratuities & 5% GST
  • CASH Bar: Guests are completely on their own for bar purchases made.
    Alcoholic Drink Tickets: $6.50 including GST
  • TOONIE Bar: Guests pay $2.00 per drink and the host then pays difference.
    Host Pays: $4.00 plus 15% Gratuities & 5% GST

  • THREENIE Bar: Guests pay $3.00 per drink and the host then pays difference.
    Host Pays: $3.00 plus 15% Gratuities & 5% GST
  • DOUBLE-TOONIE Bar: Guests pay $4.00 per drink and the host then pays difference.
    Host Pays: $2.00 plus 15% Gratuities & 5% GST
  • PARTIAL HOST Bar: Personalized Drink Tickets are produced for you to distribute. You control the quantity and are only charged for those used.
    Host Pays: $6.00 plus 15% Gratuities & 5% GST

Please Note: Prices are quoted per person, unless otherwise specified. Prices herein are effective February 1, 2018

For additional and general information regarding our menu offerings, please refer to the Menu Portfolio page.

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